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Launched in September 2007, has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds with content coming from more and more sources.

More and more people continue to discover, an excellent source of news, events and information in Northumberland County.

On average, has about 3,500 visitors per day (over 113,000 visitors per month), over 26,000 hits per day (about 830,000 hits per month) and over 16,000 page views per day (over 503,000 page views per month).

An Internet presence has become part of doing business. Engaging current and potential customers online has become an integral part of any successful marketing campaign.

An advertisement at drives traffic to websites and increases exposure for businesses.

Northumberland County has a population of 80,963 and with 81% of Ontario Residents online and 68% using the Internet to visit news & information sites*, advertising with is a practical and affordable option.


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