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About NorthumberlandView.ca

NorthumberlandView.ca is a Community News and Information Portal Website for Northumberland County. NorthumberlandView.ca is a non-partisan, independent locally-owned and operated website that allows members of the public to share information with residents, visitors and others interested in what's happening in Northumberland County.

Community groups, clubs and organizations are able to submit their news, events and information for publication at NorthumberlandView.ca at no charge. Submissions are published as-is with no editing to the content.

Launched in September 2007, NorthumberlandView.ca has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds with content coming from more and more sources. More and more people continue to discover NorthumberlandView.ca, an excellent source of news, events and information in Northumberland County.

What is NorthumberlandView.ca?

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Arts Council of Northumberland


NorthumberlandView.ca has won and is nominated for the following awards:

2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The YearCanadian Web AwardImageCanadian Web Award ArtSpace2000_Award_2009-2010.gif 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Nominee  2011 Canadian Weblog Awards World Best Website Nominee 

2012 Bears' Lair Entrepreneurial Competition Finalist

Port Hope & District Chamber of Commerce 2011 Business Excellence Award: Micro-Business



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Christopher Pelletier, Owner/Operator
Owner/Operator Christopher Pelletier

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